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◊Transporation in the Sado Island

Okesa Kanko Taxi & Bus Services
We Okesa Kanko Taxi & Bus Services provide you chartered bus or taxi for your travel in Sado Island.  Few of our drivers speak English  or  Chinese. But also we recommend you to download VoiceTra  for your smart phone.  It’s a quite smart and high quality  translation app especially from English, Korean or Chinese to Japanese.

How to make a contact with us ?
・Sina Weibo
・Contact Form

SNS messeages are available both in  Chinese or English. When you  write to us, please take  simple and plain expressions for us. Thank you for your understanding.

With a telephone only japanese available
・Phone:(+81:JP)0259-63-3348 (8:00-18:00:japan time)

Others:  (Jp), (En)


Rent-A -Car(jp)
Watanabe Sansho
Sadokisen Kanko

Niigata Kotsu Sado(jp)
Regular route buses covering whole Sado Island


◊◊Guide to Japan

Japan National Tourism Organization

Travel Japan(en)


◊◊Guide to Niigata and Sado Island


Niigata City Travel Guide(en,ch,ru,kr)

Wikitravel Niigata (en)


Sado tourist association(en,kr,ru,ch)

Sado tourism association (en)

Sado tourist information center(en)

All About Sado Island(en)
Free Sado Island Map & Licensed Guide( fee-charging guides)

Discover Sado Island(en)
Providing international exchange programs and Goodwill Guide based on volunteer activity

Sado Travel, A travel guide to the beautiful Sado Island(en)
Newly impressive local guide with beautiful photos

Licenced Guide, Fujiko’s blog about Sado Island from triplelights

For Chinese speaker
You can reach interesting articles from the links below, about daily life in Sado Island ,changing scenery, local seasonal food,tour information etc・・

Shukunegi Street (en)

Tatakokan (en)


Toki  no Tayori (en)(ch)  about crested ibis


Taraibune tub boat (en)

Golden Sado, Gold Mine Museum (en)



◊◊Ready for trip

♦Money &Bank

For your trip to Sado Island Japanese yen must be required. Credit cards are not acceptable at most local stores.

When you have to exchange money after your arrival at Japan, it might be better to use exchange bureaus at Interntional Airport . But please give attention to business hours of them depends on your flight schedule. By another, may be you might find and use Seven Bank ATMs with comparative ease when you are at the larger city area in Japan.

After you arrive at Sado Island, there are several Japan Post Bank ATMs and you can withdraw money with some cooporative company’s cards . But you need enough time and means to go because transport to each of them is inconvenient in many cases. In addition foreign currency exchange isn’t easy in Sado Island, only few post offices can deal with but only U.S. dollar.

In every case you’d better confirm your credit card company whether and where your card are available in Japan before your depature.

How to exchange money in Japan? (en)

Travel Planning>Before you go>ATMs

Yahoo! Answers>Can I use my debit card in Japan?

♦Means of communication

Free wifi spots are increasing but still limited in Sado Island and often they have some constraints so that Sim for Japan or mobile wifi router might be more helpful to you.

Free wifi spot in Sado Island(jp)

Sakura Mobile(multi)
Delivery sim card services are here, you can get sim card or mobile wifi rental router in your country before your depature. It might be stressless.

Sim card vending machines have settled firstly at Narita Airport

Prepaid Sim for Japan(muli)
You can pick it up at Airport and Hotel is also available.

Get answers from real people all over the world.

A translation app which is accurate, quick responce and free of charges.

◊◊Transporation to the Sado Island

JR East, East Japan Railway company(en,ch,kr)

Niigata Airport(en,ch,kr,ru)

Niigata Kotsu(jp)
Regular route buses in Niigata City  and Express buses to other prefectures

Bandai taxi
Bandai taxi is one of the taxi company in Niigata City. Several Korean or English speaking driver are belonging to it. To call them reservation reqired.

Sadokisen Ferryboat Company
Sadokisen Corp. is the only ferryboat company to reach Sado Island. (jp) (en,kr,ch,ru)



◊◊travel agency

JTB Global(multi)
JTB, Japan Travel Bureau is a travel agency tied up with us, Okesa Kanko Bus & Taxi services Corp.

Offering field tours with licenced guide in Japan for English speaker. Planetyze have several field tours also in Sado Island.

Inside Japan Tours
A travel agency provides tours for English speaker to Sado Island irregularly .

◊◊Japanese Style

Toilets in Japan(en)

Bath in Japan(en)

Thanks to Japan Roads for those explanations about Japanese unique styles and manners