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Staff Profile

English Speaking Driver

Kei Nagata

Nagata ,He was born and grown in Sado Island.  After  his graduation , he  worked in the apparel industries so long time in Shibuya and Harajuku Area. Several years ago returned to Sado Island from Tokyo and join us today. He often tell us that he finds so many attractiveness in dailylife in Sado Island like as beauty of rich nature, local cultures,fresh food and so on which he could not care at all when he was a child and can never find in big cities.  He also like overseas travel. He wish to serve our guest to have a  wonderful  trip through his life experience.
  • Qualification: Class II driver license for taxi,  Sado City Exclusive Regional Guide in English, Travel Service Supervisor
  • Learning history(2016-2017) :”Guide Method For Sado Gold and Silver Mines” , “Guide Method For Crested Iibis” bonth held by Sado City Office  Tourist Division.   “Guide Method for Shukunegi “, an old Edo  (samurai) period style street in south part of Sado Island
  • Hobbies: Trip, Motorcycle tour, Drive
  • Message:  Yes!   I’m traveler too, anytime on my mind. So, I can understand a feeling of a traveler. Let’s enjoy Sado Mind!    I love beauty of nature!
  • Contributes to: http://twitter.com/Okesakanko_en

Japanese Speaking Driver

Chiharu Nakagawa

Chiharu Nakagawa ,he is a veteran driver. He was also born and grew in Sado Island. He know well about local history throuth his long career . Eighty-eight sacred places of Sado Island, Saint Nichiren related temple, that is one of the fields that he is good at.   He also loves mountain climing and already has been to almost every mountains of Sado Island. He also works as part-time rice farmer for his own farm. Once he planted delicious Shiitake- mushrooms in his montain. Thus he is a really busy and active person. Chiharu use translate App like as VoiceTra when any interpreter or guide does not accompany for our guest. Although, it can’t rather should not work while he dives a vehicle.
  • Qualification:  Class II driver license for bus and taxi  , Superior Driver A-Grade certificated by Sado Island Taxi Association,
    Sado Tourism Culture Certification Test for class2
  • Hobbies or  Abilities:  mountain hiking, visit temples, rice farming
  • twitter id/ @okesaokcm
  • message/We are entirely at your service. Please ask anything we might be able to help you with , especially when you make a pilgrimage round, let me handle it, many of our guests are happy with our services.









Licensed Guide Interpreters in Sado Island

When you need more professional interpreter service, please let us known for that.  We can introduce you  a  National Licensed Guide who based his or her activities on Sado Island. They are also Sado Islander and not only speak English well but know well versed in local conditions and circumstances.  They will support you with attention to detail  all the days of your stay in Sado Island. You will probably be satisfied with their dedication.